Would You Eat Your Cat?


Key ethical conundrums and what they tell you about yourself


Would you eat your cat?  A question, among many, that leaves readers shouting “No!” or perhaps “Yes!” when asked.  However, there is much more to this seemingly simple (and slightly disturbing) question.  A person’s answer to certain questions closely correlates with their moral standpoint and ethical view.

Jeremy Stangroom’s collection of age-old philosophical problems and modern ethical dilemmas with relevant anecdotes helps readers challenge their preconceptions of morality and learn to understand themselves.  Each famous predicament is offered with an example scenario, and readers are left to discover the answer on their own.  When having found a satisfactory solution, readers are directed into the background of each conundrum and learn what their answer reveals about themselves.

From questions of “Would you eat your cat?” to “Are we morally obliged to end the world?” Stangroom combines humor and scientific principles to create an entertaining and informative philosophical experience.  If you wish to test your principles and explore your morality, Would You Eat Your Cat? is the book for you.