The People of Analy

Savanna Conwell, Staff Writer

Stella Finely: Cross Country


“I like cross country because of the people. Yes, I love running and the competition, but the thing that stands out at the end of the day is how amazing the group of people who make up the team are.”




Francis Pactol: Co-President of AAPI 

“I feel like I’m pretty biased as to why AAPI is so good because I’m a Co-President but nonetheless I’m so proud of the club. Everything we’ve done to support the removal of the racist plaques last year and the money and awareness we’ve raised is really important. The people in the club itself are amazing and so excited to continue working on spreading and appreciating Asian Culture. Our plans for the future and fundraising are really cool so make sure to check it out when we come out with those. Follow our Instagram @aapianalyhigh.”



 Gemma Guerra: Golf

“My favorite thing about playing golf is trying your best and working toward your goal, seeing all the things you worked so hard to accomplish finally happen.”