What Would You Have Done DIfferently Last Year?

YOCELIN RAMIREZ, staff writer

Current Seniors

“I wish I would’ve tried to socialize more. Just given more effort in that aspect. I did the first

semester in person then went online last year so I was just alone at home only working on

school school work.” – Landon Parsons

“I wish that the college and career counselors came out to classes during my junior year

because they only came around my senior year and I didnt know all the information. So I wish they had done that my junior year that way I would know [about resources] for my college applications and prep before college.” – Theresa Weigel


Current Juniors

“When it comes to academics.. I wish that I had spent less time procrastinating and more time focusing on my immense school work and my advanced classes…These classes were very wonderful and feel as if I had learned a lot but if i had spent more time indulging in the

curriculum i feel as if i would have gotten more out of the classes.” -Joseph Stienbeg

“Academically I wish I would have established a better way of studying and focusing on not

procrastinating. I would have preferred to have tried a better way of studying without having to stress so much.” – Andrea Benito


Current Sophomores

“My Freshman year I was not confident at all about doing sprit day and about getting involved

with all the football games and everything so like I wouldnt even go in the student section but

this year I realized how fun it really is.” -Sydney Lenschmidt

“Maybe paid more attention in class and focused more” -Quinn Owens