Sports Column: Issue #1

Logan Holland , Editor, Columnist, & Web Developer

An epoch of enthronement and enshrinement awaits as the bleachers reverberate with noise. Donning Red and Blue, the Analy Tigers have the full momentum of the crowd behind them for the first time in nearly two years. Hours before kick-off electricity surges across the campus as team spirit infuses students, fostering a deafening atmosphere; rattling the opposition.   

In a thrilling iteration of Friday Night Lights, Petaluma High School stepped onto the gridiron and felt the wrath of the student section. Reminiscent of a classic heavyweight bout with both teams launching haymakers, the first three quarters game pitted two rival schools against each other.  

The Tigers evened the game at 35 a piece entering the 4th quarter. Petaluma marched down the field, seeking to pull ahead. Instead, Senior Cornerback Diego Ruvalcaba intercepted the Trojan quarterback, giving Analy possession. Diego credits his meticulous attention to detail in the film room. He says “What separates me from other defensive players in the league is my off field preparation… I watch film on the opposing receivers and learn their route combinations and releases.”

Now with an opportunity to deliver a knockout blow, Senior Quarterback Sammy Long rallied the troops in the huddle. Long’s background in Baseball enables him to contort his arm in an array of angles, placing the football only where his guys can get it. One of those guys being Junior Logan Mitchell, who has racked up over 460 receiving yards. According to Mitchell, the two have been running routes prior to his freshman year and they’ve established a strong connection. Mitchell shares “He trusts me and I trust him, it just works.”  

Long threw a near 50-yard bomb down the field to Mitchell, giving the Tigers the lead. The Trojan’s quickly responded with a touchdown of their own, also completing a two point conversion. 

Now down by one point with the time trickling down to just under three minutes, Logan Mitchell and Senior Receiver Giovanni Visitin awaited the kickoff. The ball pirouetted in the air, eventually finding itself in the hands of both Visitin and Mitchell deep in their own endzone. The stands fell silent and the stillness swallowed the stadium whole. Giovani Visitin pulled away with the football, snuck past one defender and found an opening. 

Petaluma bounced back with another rushing touchdown and now faced a catch-22. Kick the PAT and tie the game (sending it to OT) or go for two and win the game. The Trojans sent out their offense. The bleachers began to buzz. Petaluma’s Quarterback lined up under center. A chant swept through the Analy crowd, hellbent on intimidating the opposition. 


The Trojans signaled for an audible, but their Quarterback didn’t receive the message. Ready Set Go, Petaluma handed the ball off, Analy Linebacker Lincoln Johnson shot through the teeth of the Trojan Offense, stopping them short of the endzone. Lincoln stated “Once I saw (the play) develop, I blitzed the A gap.”


Preordained for an arduous season, with only five returning varsity players, the Lady Tigers are proving all their doubters wrong. Led by Seniors Ari Wood and Rose McCormick, the squad enters the Tiger’s den, where a sea of white awaits them. It’s the home opener, the bleachers are pulsating with spirit and the Analy Tigers are slated against the Petaluma Trojans. From the very first serve the Tigers left their paw-print on the game, sweeping the Trojans 3-0. The white-out victory showcases the strong bonds the team has created, however it didn’t start out this way.

Over the summer, the team faced a referendum on their previous success as many key rotational players graduated. Outside Hitter Rose McCormick decided to answer the call of leadership, sharing “Last year I was just going with the flow, now I’ve found my voice and have put myself out there to communicate with my team.” Did I mention her ability on the hardwood yet? Utilizing her near six foot frame and elite dexterity McCormick has racked up over 90 kills this season; springing off the ground and attacking the ball at its high point.   



Ari Wood noted the team began to glue after a few team bonding exercises and practices.  Wood has a true passion for volleyball, comparing her position to “a penguin diving around.” Playing Libero, the defensive specialist, she’s required to fly around the gym returning hits from the opposition. Wood shared the biggest challenge about playing Libero is maintaining mental toughness

“There’s going to be times when a ball is simply too fast, and it’s easy to blame myself for the loss of a point. However, over time I learned it’s best to just forget the mistakes and continue playing. I’ve learned maintaining mental toughness is best for your teammates, yourself, and your playing.”