Leadership Column

Savanna Conwell

2021-2022 Wrap Up – 


This year has been incredible. Our leadership class and other groups around our school have been able to host many fun events. Some of these events include:


  • Prom
  • Prom Spirit Week
  • Lorax Movie Night
  • Talent Show 
  • PowderPuff Football Game
  • Pre-Spring Break Spirit Week
  • Food for Thought Fundraiser 
  • Leadership Elections


However, with only a few weeks left in school, we are in need of new representatives for our student body. We now have ASB and Class election results along with liaison position results for the 2022-2023 school year.

Our ASB candidates had to step up to the plate and deliver speeches to the whole student body. They were then voted upon by the students to ensure every voice was heard.


ASB Officers:


ASB President: Marin Broadbent-Bell

ASB Vice President: Savanna Conwell

ASB Secretary: Satori McCullough

ASB Treasurer: Robert Pactol-Bagaugay

ASB Rally Commissioners: Jackson Zapp, Elena Salgado, Maya Salas, Giovanni Visintin

ASB Board Representative: Karis Morasch


To represent each class comes special individuals for each role. Our second election was held to find these people to help develop our class. These elections were run through videos shown in Advisory.


Senior Class Officers:


President: Tosh Schmidt

Vice President: Anya Gangon

Secretary: Lucy Fosnight

Treasurer: Caitlyn Hense


Junior Class Officers:


President: Hannah Goldin

Vice President: Mae Cornwall

Secretary: Cassidy Avila

Treasurer: Lewelyn Orlandi


Sophomore Class Officers:


President: Antonio Gutierrez

Vice President: Ruby Elledge

Treasurer: Ruby Cornwall


Liaison Positions:


Cave Keeper: Rose McCormick

Social Media: Solange Anjeh

Historian/Photographer: Giselle Evans

Community Service: Rylee Humble

Athletic/Campus Events: Sergio Gomes-Neri


There are still many events to come! As we wrap up this year, be on the lookout for events like:


  • Senior Day Away
  • Senior Shirts
  • Day On the Green
  • Graduation
  • Project Grad


Congratulations to our 2021-2022 leadership class for all the great work this year and next year’s 2022-2023 leadership class! Make sure to keep a lookout for upcoming events. Have a great end to the year Westco! A wish of good luck with finals and AP tests to everyone!



Roan Review – 


We interviewed Coach Roan to find his Westco Wrap Up of the Leadership class this year.


  1. Now that the votes are in, how do you feel about next year’s leadership class?


“I feel great about the class we have put together.  I think it is a great mix of students with different skills, leadership styles, backgrounds, and interests.”


  1. Out of 10, how would you rank the work of the current leadership class throughout the year?


“I think we scored an 8 or 9.  We definitely hit some lulls in the winter but those were partly due to Covid restrictions.”


  1. How do you think the current leadership class has done in their original goal to unite the school through the name change and how do you think that next year’s class will do with yet another name change?


“I think this class did great work overall but there is always room for improvement.  I think this year’s class did an amazing job in uniting the school behind the West County name.  Focus outside of our control took the direction of that movement another way.  It is yet to be seen how this school community will respond to reverting back to the Analy name.  But we know the alumni will be happy!  I do know this class wants our fellow students to have the next experience possible and we will, as always, do our best to unite the school through school spirit and pride.”