Anonymous Advice from Seniors 

If you fail it’s okay. 


Have GOOD friends, this year will determine who you will and will not stay in contact with after graduation. 


Senioritis is SO REAL.


Enjoy every moment no matter how small it may seem because those will be the memories you will look back on and cherish. 


DO NOT PUT X COLLEGE OF 2027/28/29/30  IN YOUR BIO. (note from editor: put it in your bio and be proud of all your accomplishments!)


Go out of your comfort zone and try things outside of your school environment. 


Prioritize your goals but not at the expense of sleep. (I am likely under-grown because of the late nights.)




Stop worrying what other people think about you. We’re all so focused on our own lives that we don’t really pay that much attention to other people, so stop behaving in a certain way because you feel self conscious or embarrassed to act outside of the norm, and just be you. Live your life, literally nobody cares if you embarrass yourself or act stupid sometimes. And even if they do, they’ll forget it soon enough. Oh and do the things that genuinely make you happy, not the things you think are supposed to make you happy. Just be your true, authentic self and you got this. <3


Your future is in your hands, make decisions for yourself and your own happiness rather than trying to please those around you!


Apply to your dream college! Stop overanalyzing the acceptance rates and just do it! 


Apply early to college (preferably restrictive early action so if you get accepted it doesn’t bind you to the college and you can apply to a couple), it has allowed me to enjoy most of my senior year without having to stress too much about where I am going to college. If you don’t get in early that’s okay! Most decisions for REA come out before all college applications are due so you have time to apply to more colleges!


Where you go to college or do after high school does not determine your intelligence or self worth! 


Start a club. Start the conversation. Do a sport. Try hurdles. Just try new things, there’s no shame in that. Be open to the unknown and don’t have a fixed mindset. High school is a place where you should find yourself and time runs out quickly so don’t waste it trying to be cool and sticking to one singular group of friends.


Mistakes are temporary and a part of life. You can accomplish your goals if you work hard and really want it. 


Ditch that toxic friend and live a hot girl school year!


Don’t stress and stay blessed. Prioritize sleep. That’s what I’ve been doing. Eventually I will get things done. 


Live life, breathe air

I know somehow we’re gonna get there

And feel so wonderful


Become besties with Ms.Woody, she is the best!


Try your best in school and take part in extracurriculars you are genuinely PASSIONATE about. I swear the admissions officers can tell if you’re being fake or not.


Don’t get pregnant. Use a condom. @wcteenclinic