The People Of West County

Savanna Conwell


Bradie Mccallum (Freshman, FFA) – 

My favorite part of FFA definitely has to be all the amazing people that I have met and that have pushed me to do things outside my comfort zone, but also all the opportunities I have been given throughout this year. With all the competitions, conferences, and trips I am so beyond grateful I am able to be a part of such a wonderful program.


Maggie Syversen (Senior, Peer Ed.) – 

I’ve been a peer educator at the West County Teen Clinic for 2 years and it’s the best choice I ever made. It’s the best way to do community service because I’m volunteering for a community with great people where I’m helping others. Being a peer educator makes me able to be a resource for people if they have questions or need anything. Each time I walk into the clinic, I leave feeling lucky to be a part of it. The clinic always gives off the most positive vibe. The people who work there are the sweetest humans who work so hard. I would recommend anyone to become a peer educator. It’s a great environment, you get job experience, and you learn new things!




Rylee Humble (Sophomore, Swimmer) – 

Swim was such a fun part of my year, I loved cheering at meets, and racing other schools.

Leah Woody (College and Career) –


College and Career Exploration is a personal journey, it involves a student diving into themselves; their values, work ethics, interests, how they feel about learning and academics…all of it while I introduce resources and pathways that are shifting and developing all the time. I love the research I get to do in order to stay on top of the ever changing and growing options for students in the process of them developing into young adults.  Often this journey starts with simply recognizing a student’s strengths and connecting it with a career or potential college majors. Having conversations that reveal their authentic joys, interests and talents and then building those footholds of experiences like: internships, summer enrichment camps, dual enrollment college courses, and work experience. My favorite thing is to witness students stepping into those footholds, emboldened to engage further with the world around them whether it is to go directly into the workforce, certificate or trade programs, or university.  It’s an honor to become a trusted supporter and ally to students and their families.