West County’s Most Wanted: Lucca Lowenberg

Cassidy Avila

Swoosh! When Lucca Lowenberg is on the court, there is no stopping her. Lucca is captain and point or shooting guard on our school’s varsity basketball team. She started playing basketball in the first grade, and stuck with it because “it’s a lot of fun and competitive”. The school’s team environment is really good, they are all on the same page with the same desire to win which makes it extremely fun. Lucca feels that she brings a lot of leadership to the team, helping control the game, setting the tempo, and keeping the game calm. Coach Pasamonte agrees with her and more, as he exclaims, “Lucca is that type of player that stays after practice to shoot, she drives 2 hours to work on her game. She not only leads our team in scoring, but she also looks to lead in other ways, she is excited to get the hype going in the locker room pregame and always looking to bring her teammates in to enjoy the hype.” In order for Lowenberg to get her game face on she eats chicken and rice, and looks forward to the locker room excitement where the team gets pumped up with music. Lucca definitely took these game day rituals with her to the playoff games this year which she described as her favorite playing highlight. She especially enjoyed the first round of playoffs because “it was a really close game and seeing the crowd super excited because we came back from it was super fun”. After hard fought games like these, she treats herself to some In N’ Out with teammates. When Lucca is not swamped with school and basketball, she loves to snowboard, hang out with friends, and go to the beach. When hit with the question that everyone finds themself pondering, Lucca eventually says, “I think of myself as smart, hardworking, and passionate about sports and school. And fun, I would say I’m funny but I don’t know if a lot of other people would say that.” While I am sure Lucca is funny, and while you may disagree, you can’t argue against the fact that she is very deserving of the title of West County’s Most Wanted for Most Dedicated. Continue to cheer her on as she takes big steps through life!