West County’s Most Wanted: Carissa Cortez

Cassidy Avila

You know that one teammate that always breaks the ice and is really good at making everyone feel comfortable? Well, that’s Carissa Cortez for you. She plays attacking midfield for our school’s varsity soccer team. Carissa started playing soccer at the age of two at Little Kickers because her mom forced her to. We’re all thankful for her mom’s push because that led to her being a part of the high school team. Carissa admits, “I love playing soccer because of all the people I get to meet and it’s very fun to be competitive with your friends.” To get ready for a game, she makes sure to eat three bananas and listens to Ms. Jackson by Outkast, which has been on the team’s playlist for all her four years. Her favorite playing moment was a couple years back when the team’s center back, #18 Tatiana Avila, asked if she could go up top and try to score a goal. Carissa told her she could as long as she scored, and Tatiana lived up to that. In moments and games like that, Carissa’s mom was and still is her biggest supporter, as she describes it, “my mom inspires me because she’s always been there, throughout my soccer journey especially”. Cortez hopes to continue her soccer career at the JC, and will surely succeed because as Coach Emily puts it, “Carissa has an amazing energy that she brings to training. Through her hard work and positive attitude she raises the level and accountability from her teammates.” Outside of soccer, Cariss enjoys hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and just being in nature. When asked to describe herself, after much trouble she finally came up with, “I am an easy-going, yet sarcastic person.” However, after playing two years of soccer with her, I do not believe that gives her justice. Carissa is a very fun person to be around. She’s someone that people can count on and look up to, and she’s smart. Not only all of that, she’s a beast on the soccer field. So give it up for Carissa Cortez, West County’s Most Wanted for Most Supportive! Keep an eye out for her as she continues to shine!