Should Schools Have Uniforms?


Rylee Humble

Have you ever wondered why schools have uniforms, and why they don’t? There are many pros and cons to having school uniforms. Here are some of them:



School uniforms have lots of benefits. Just imagine not having to take time out of your day to pick out your outfit for school. For those who focus on fashion or perhaps take a while to choose their school outfit, a uniform could help cut the time you get ready in half. This leads to the idea that students will get to school on time, and have less tardy days, which is another benefit. Uniforms can also help reduce bullying and level the playing field. Since everyone is wearing the same outfit,there is less of a distinction between people. People won’t be judged for what they wear, and making fun of others’ clothes would mean making fun of your own.



School uniforms, though they have many benefits, also have downfalls. One of those downfalls is the restriction of expression. By having people wear the same thing, we find that there is less expression of their individual personality through their clothes and actions. Here in the USA, restricting expression and speech is against the constitution. The constitution states that people have the right to express themselves freely. Another large downfall is the encouragement of conformity over individuality. Individuality is an important part of who you are. When you grow and learn, you become a unique person, and when required to wear a school uniform that restricts individuality, and encourages conformity. 


What do you think? Should school uniforms be a part of school?