The People Of West County

Savanna Conwell

The People Of West County is a segment that encompasses pictures and quotes from the outstanding students and teachers of West County High School. Our goal is to create a safe environment where people can express themselves and do what they love. The People Of West County is a space where these people can share what it means to be a part of the special niches that help make our school a community. 

Mr. Wilson (Math teacher) – Why do you love teaching math?


“My favorite part about teaching math is seeing the astonishment in a student’s eyes when a light bulb goes on in their head.”


Lewelyn Orlandi (Sophomore, Soccer) – 


“Playing soccer is one of the most rewarding things to me. Being able to play the game and worry about nothing else for those few moments but what’s happening on the field and how your team is doing is so incredibly special. I know I’ll never forget any of my time playing soccer.”

Ms. Hurd (English/Yearbook teacher) – What is the best part about teaching English?


“My favorite part of teaching English is showing students how applicable English can be in their daily lives. I also love getting to spend time with my students every day. Especially my sophomores, they keep me young.”


Hunter Valencia (Senior, Speech and Debate) – 


“The best part about speech and debate is the exploration of new topics. I always learn something new when a round is over.”

Ms. Johnson (Dance teacher) – What is your favorite thing about teaching dance?


“My favorite part of teaching dance is watching students grow into more confident, creative humans. It’s beautiful to see how much they have changed from their first day in August until their last day in June and even more so if I’ve had them for multiple years.”