Leadership Column

Savanna Conwell

Roan Review


We asked Coach Roan a few questions about how the year is going so far. His responses are as follow:


  1. How do you think we will bounce back from this new covid shut down for our big events?


“I am really hopeful that the covid numbers will improve and we can continue some events very soon. This will coincide with the weather getting a little better, allowing us to host events outside.”


As many of you may now know, as of now, we must refrain from attending any indoor events including sports games, dances, etc. until further notice. As numbers of Covid-19 cases begin to subside we will have more opportunities to host indoor events. For now, as the weather begins to improve, the leadership class will be able to host more outdoor events. Even though these uncertain times let’s keep our spirit up! Let’s go Westco! 


  1. Why should someone run for the leadership class?


“If a student has good ideas and wants to get involved in moving their school forward in a positive direction, they should definitely run for a leadership position.”


Coming up is our ASB/Leadership class elections! You can find out more about this in the “In the Works” section of this column, on fliers around school, or on student/parent square. Make sure to check out @wchsasb_ on Instagram for additional updates!


  1. What have you learned from your students?


“I am constantly amazed by the students’ creativity, organization, and dedication to each other!”


To end on a positive note, we asked Coach Roan what he has learned from his students. He responded as shown above with positive remarks to his students. Keep up the good work Westco!


In the Works – 


In the works are some awesome events and great ways to show your school spirit! Some of these include:


    • Singing Valentines/Candy Grams 
  • Outdoor movie night
  • Welcome Westco
  • Senior Sweatshirts
  • Senior Picnic
  • Prom 


The current/soonest upcoming events include:


    • Senior Sweatshirts
    • Singing Valentines/Candy Grams 
    • Welcome Westco


Currently, senior sweatshirts for the class of 21-22 are being sold in the ASB office! Make sure to get one before they are gone!


As for singing valentines and candy grams, those will be one sale coming up on 1/31. Candy grams will be $3 and singing valentines will be $7. Candy grams come with a note and candy, but don’t include singing, while singing valentines come with singing and a rose. You can leave a message and even make it anonymous if you choose to do so! Support your school and send that special someone a fun surprise! 


Another annual welcome Westco meeting is scheduled for February. If you don’t already know, Welcome Westco is our event for freshmen once every couple of months to help them adjust to high school, relaying advice on different situations and letting them have any questions they might have answered. 


Last up on our current events is Leadership elections! There will be 3 chances to get in. The 1st one is for ASB and is only open to those who will be juniors or seniors next year (CURRENT Sophomores and Juniors). The 2nd Election consists of class officers such as Sophomore President, Junior Vice President, etc. Both the 1st AND 2nd elections will be in front of the entire student body! There will be elections and a schoolwide vote. For your 3rd chance, you can run for a few appointed positions (depending on how many students are enrolled). This final chance will involve an interview with select teachers. As Coach Roan said in his annual “Roan Review,” “If a student has good ideas and wants to get involved in moving their school forward in a positive direction, they should definitely run for a leadership position.”


The other events listed are COMING SOON! So be on the lookout! You can find further information on the fliers around school, on student/parent square, and also on the @wchsasb_ Instagram page!