Leadership Column Issue #2

Leadership Column Issue #2

Savanna Conwell

In the Works – 


The leadership class has some awesome events coming up that we can’t wait to share! In the works are events and topics such as:


  • Chillingo
  • Holiday Club Day
  • Holiday Movie Night
  • Winter Dance
  • Winter Spirit Week
  • Winter Rally
  • Senior Shirts
  • Senior Picnic


As we’re coming closer to the holiday season, the leadership class is grateful to have  so much spirit and support around our school. As always, make sure to keep the spirit up Westco! The best is yet to come! Make sure to keep an eye out for these upcoming events!


Roan Review – 


A great new source of competition at West County has been the canned food drive. The Leadership class has been partnering up with FFA to help promote this event for charity, benefiting those in need. All of the donations go to the Redwood Empire Food Bank, helping people facing hunger. We asked Coach Roan how he thinks the food drive is going so far and here’s what he said:


“I would say the food drive is going great so far. I think we are at about 1,000 pounds collected as of about a week and a half to go. I’m curious to see how the pick ups go this week. I think students need to be reminded after Thanksgiving Break.”


When asked “What do you think we could change about our school for the better? Spirit ideas?” Coach Roan responded with: 


“I’ve been thinking we could add some fun lunchtime activities in the quad if we could find some space.” 


Roan added the ideas of game show type activities or “goofy food things” to lighten the mood and provide a fun new twist to Friday lunches at West County.


When asked “What is your favorite memory from your time at West County so far?” Roan answered by mentioning many events so far this year. Some highlights of his included:


  • Orientation Week “I think the leadership commitment for Orientation week was outstanding and the first few days with younger students went great.”
  • Initial Sporting Events “Spirit was amazing”


Coach Roan also mentioned our popular attendance rates at the Welcome Back Dance and our Halloween-themed Outdoor Movie Night. 


As a teacher, sometimes you need to call things out and remind your students there is always room for improvement. When asked how the Leadership class can work to improve, Roan explained, 


“I think, to be honest, we have gotten a bit lazy and lackadaisical lately.  We had an extremely busy first few months so it is natural to step back and take a breather but I feel we have not kicked it back into gear again. I look forward to renewed energy after the break.”


Highlights – 


So far this Winter sports season, our girls basketball and soccer teams have begun their seasons. Close ahead are the upcoming boys soccer and basketball games. Let’s get pumped up for the rest of the season and make sure to go out and support our teams!


For the past few weeks the canned food drive donations have been growing and have so far reached about 1,000 pounds! As of December 2nd, the canned food drive has been a success! However, the competition is still on until December 10th!