The People Of West County 

Savanna Conwell

“The People Of West County” is a segment that encompasses pictures and quotes from the outstanding students and teachers of West County High School. Our goal is to make a safe environment where people can express themselves and do what they love. “The People Of West County” is a space where these people can share what it means to be a part of the special niches that help make our school as a community. 


Litzy Diaz Pena (Junior) – 

My experience while being on the West County cheer team has been good. I used to cheer at El Molino and cheering here at West County was a good way to feel unified. Although, it was also hard to balance school with cheer and having a whole new team. Since then, I have come to love and cherish cheer at West County. The experience also opened new opportunities I didn’t have at El Molino such as going to competition and having a bigger team. Even though this year has been hard with the stress of the whole rebranding situation, I feel close to everyone on the team regardless of being the only one on the team who came from El Molino. I will continue enjoying cheer throughout the season and in the future going into my senior year.”


Mr.Forslund (Teacher) –

“I’ve really enjoyed seeing the identity of the two schools coming together. I’ve loved getting to meet and work with all of the new students at our school. It was a difficult transition and I have been inspired by the positivity of our students throughout.”


Drake Bolt (Senior) – 

This is my fourth year in the band and right now I am the senior drum major for the band. I really love band and the community that has been created there. As West County, I think the band has become a shining example of unity through these hard times. Band is a very tight-knit community and I love to walk in every day and hear the laughter and joy that exudes from the band room. I think a lot of it is owed to our band teacher, Mr. Jones, who really emphasizes community and tries very hard to make everyone feel included and a part of the family. Overall I think the merging of the two schools has only made band stronger and I look forward to the rest of the year!


Mr. Hall (Teacher) – 

“A highlight of my time at West County has been the relationships with students and seeing them discover their purpose. It’s a really cool feeling

bearing witness to people learning who they are.”


Sr. Brown (Teacher) – 

Working at West County is exciting. I am proud to be part of something new and to work with such impressive students that are motivated to display empathy and kindness.



If you have any outstanding West County students or staff members that you want to nominate for “The People of West County,” email Savanna Conwell at [email protected]