West County’s Most Wanted: Avery Tollini

West Countys Most Wanted: Avery Tollini

Cassidy Avila

Most times when someone is featured on a wanted poster it’s because they committed a bad crime; however, Avery Tollini’s only crime is being extremely talented in her sport: volleyball. Avery Tollini is a senior that enjoys nature, hiking, snowboarding, hanging out with friends and family, listening to Pitbull, and playing libero for the school’s varsity volleyball team. Avery started her volleyball career in the 6th grade and moved onto playing competitively for Empire in the 8th grade. She loves volleyball because, according to her, nobody is completely the star, you have to work and win as a team, and with that comes a lot of positive energy. Since Avery had made varsity as a freshman she used to look up to the seniors above her, and you can’t forget her best friend, Karmen. Now she’s a senior and it’s her chance to be the leader that she had looked up to in previous years. Tollini is the captain this year and she makes an impact on the team by taking her teammate’s input and using it to work out what’s best for the team. It bugs Avery when she doesn’t play up to her full potential, so she always strives to do her best and plays as hard as she can. To ensure that she plays her best, Tollini makes sure to wear her white socks, white Nike shoes, and to straighten her hair before putting it into a ponytail with a braid on the right side on game days. After her games, Avery can’t go home without grabbing some Dutch Bros and McDonalds on the way, but don’t worry, she drinks smoothies before her games for a healthy boost. Now don’t forget to cheer on our West County’s Most Wanted for Sets Played, Avery Tollini, as she continues to crush it this year!


By: Cassidy Avila