Sports Column: Issue #1

Sports Column: Issue #1

Logan Holland, Sports Editor & Website Supervisor

Students rush to fill the stands for the first time in two years, showing their support for the (mascotless) West County High School. The start of the new sports season marks the end to the rivalry between Analy and El Molino. Now players from both schools must unify, to reach the promised land of their respective sports.  

The return of Friday Night Lights has been dramatic. The football team has hit a bit of a rough patch recently and is struggling to get stops during pivotal moments of games. Conversely, there is something special about the team; they have shown resilience and always play with lots of enthusiasm. Perhaps it is due to their passionate leader, Daniel Bourdon, who recently returned to coach the team after a three-year break. Coach Bourdon embodies the characteristics of the ultimate competitor, he has brought nothing more than success and resilience to the school. Earlier in the season, Westco went head to head against Santa Rosa High. Trailing in the 4th quarter and in need of a big play, junior quarterback Sammy Long hurled the ball to Ian Hocheder. The former El Molino athlete fought his way into the end zone and secured the first win of the newly formed team. 

Due to consolidation, 90 students showed aspirations of making the varsity volleyball team, but ultimately only 16 were chosen. The team has a veteran presence and is led mainly by seniors. Two stand out the most, including Cassie McKnight, with 191 kills, and Avery Tollini, with 449 digs. Junior Ari Wood stated that the team is grateful for the merger between the schools, as with their combined numbers, they are a force to be reckoned with and more successful. The team’s record reflects this as they are currently 5-1 against D3 high schools. 

On the national stage, the baseball World Series begins shortly. The Houston Astros are taking on the Atlanta Braves. The matchup is relatively even as both teams have deep rosters with unsung heros ready to step up during vital moments of the series. 

The NBA season opened recently with drama off the court stealing the show. Former #1 pick Ben Simmons, of the Philadelphia Sixers, requested a trade and cut off ties with his team during the off-season. People speculate that Simmons was upset by what his teammates and coaches said about him after their team’s disappointing exit from the playoffs.However, Simmons signed a contract and is a member of the Sixers until his contract expires, so he should honor his commitments. Who do you guys think is right in this situation? 


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