West County FFA

West County FFA

By Emily Maners, Chapter President

West County FFA is making history one event at a time. This year we jumped feet first in our newly formed West County FFA Chapter. Four former El Molino students as well as four Analy students seamlessly came together in June to plan our FFA year. The team took a three-day retreat to Westminster Woods in Occidental. As an officer team, we used past events and traditions from each chapter to create our new chapter, West County FFA. In late July we held a show clinic before the Sonoma County Fair. This event brought numerous members together to interact as a newly unified chapter for the first time. The showmanship clinic was a great opportunity for students to learn more skills on showmanship and to enjoy a barbecue lunch.


Congratulations to our sheep exhibitors:

Analise Scholten Reserve Supreme Champion, FFA Grand Champion Lamb with her Crossbred 

Emily Maners FFA Reserve Grand Champion with her Natural Black lamb and Reserve Champion FFA Showmanship

Jake Anderson for winning Champion FFA Southdown

Olivia Franceschi Reserve Champion FFA Crossbred

Cole Franceschi Reserve FFA Champion Hampshire

Mary Franceschi for winning Reserve Commercial Crossbred and Reserve Southdown

Congratulations to our rabbit exhibitor:

Maddy Martinelli Supreme Champion Rabbit Meat Pen, FFA Grand Champion, FFA Reserve Grand Champion and Champion FFA Showmanship. 

Congratulations to our beef exhibitors:

Olivia Williams Reserve Grand FFA Steer with her Champion FFA Charolais Steer. 

Tucker Pacette Champion FFA Hereford Steer

Emily Maners Champion FFA Shorthorn Steer

Caleigh Wilkes Champion FFA AOB Steer

Congratulations to our Goat Exhibitor

Caleigh Wilkes FFA Champion Goat and Champion FFA Showmanship. 

Congratulations to our Swine Exhibitors

Kaylynn Tesselaar Reserve Grand Champion FFA Market Pig with her Hampshire and Reserve Champion FFA Novice Showmanship

Frances Marshall Champion Light Cross, Champion FFA Showmanship. 

Congratulations to all our members who put hard work, time and effort into their projects.

Conferences And Events

In September, West County FFA attended our first speaking competition, the 2021 Opening & Closing Contest held at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Four teams competed, an Officer team, two advanced teams, and a novice team. All teams did great and worked very hard to prepare for this competition. We had lots of fun meeting other members from across Sonoma County. Congratulations to Colton Shaw for winning outstanding Secretary in the Officer team division.

Greenhand Leadership Conference is a conference for freshman and first year FFA students to introduce them to everything the program has available to them. They learned the ins and outs of what FFA is and were able to meet other members from across the section.

The officer team and a small group of interested members, traveled to Healdsburg High School for the Sonoma Section Leadership night. We completed three different workshops with our regional officers and zoomed in with one of California’s state officers. The regional officers taught us about the importance of aspiring and wanting to succeed. In the workshops, we were able to collaborate with other FFA members from our section and learn about the different regions’ agriculture commodity production.

The Redwood Resource Rally was a fun overnight trip to Humboldt County. The day was hands on learning about how to measure trees and how to measure creek minnows. Students also learned about the numerous job opportunities in the forestry industry. 


In our barn, we have recently added fifteen chickens that have been busy laying eggs. Students have been tending to our chickens by feeding them and cleaning out their pens. Everyday, a student lets our hens out and collects the eggs. We are currently selling a dozen eggs for $5.

In Annex 1, Mrs. Mickelson’s class is incubating eggs, and one duckling has hatched so far. Students call our feathered friend “Ming Ming” and “Ping Pong” as well as other nicknames. Come by to check him out, we can’t wait for more to hatch.

Community Service

West County FFA is currently holding a costume fundraiser which is a great opportunity for members to gain FFA points. All the costumes donated to West County FFA will be distributed to children around the community who may not be able to obtain a costume for Halloween this year. Next month is our canned food drive. We will have collection bins in each Ag classroom as well as in the main office.

FFA Jackets

We were recently approved as a chapter, which means members are now able to order official West County FFA jackets! If anyone would like to sponsor a member to obtain a West County FFA jacket, feel free to contact West County FFA or any of our three wonderful advisors. 

National Convention And American Degrees

Congratulations to our seventeen members who worked hard and met the requirements to achieve the American Degree. Mrs. Mickelson and Mrs. Lokka attended the National Convention in Indianapolis with recipients where the degree was awarded at the end of October. Congratulations to Bailey Caron, Austin Maners, Madison Collier, Kassidy Watkins, Makkena Gehrett, Jacob Lepori, James Glaser, Samantha Caughie, Calvin Young, Allie Clemons, Shantiel Shaw, Emma Harris, Carlee Austin, Sophia Bianchi, Madison Potts, Emily Guerra, and Mitchell Almind. Two current members attended the convention in support of their siblings.

In The Classroom

Our Ag classrooms have been busy and full of hands-on learning. In Ag Bio, students have conducted experiments such as making slime and have been introduced to microscopes while studying cells. The floral class used class time to make fall arrangements that were sold as a fundraiser. All Ag chem and Advanced Ag classes have started Agriscience projects. These projects include testing the scientific method. Some experiments being tested are plant growth, changes in ingredients for baking, as well as testing growth in chickens. In Ag Mechanics, students learn the basic safety and operations of tools. The Viticulture class has taken advantage of the grapes grown at both the Sebastopol and Forestville campuses. The class has learned about harvesting grapes and how the process of wine grapes are turned into wine. With three Ag teachers, our agriculture education program has grown tremendously, giving students more class options.




What was the best thing to come out of the consolidation?

“Our chapter as a whole has come closer as a community. The two chapters are unified and we compliment each other. I enjoy having two new Ag teachers as well. There are way more opportunities for Ag students.” -Frances Marshall (Chapter Vice President)


How was your fair experience?

“It was very fun. It was an opportunity for family and friends to come together. Everyone was very accepting. It was a great way for me to be introduced to my new chapter. This experience taught me that you have to work hard for what you want and community comes in all shapes and sizes.” -Cassie Mcknight


What is your favorite FFA activity that you have participated in this year?

“The Redwood Resource Rally. It was cool to see the process of making wood. I enjoyed hanging out with the other kids that went.” -Hunter Ivaldi