High School Consolidation (UPDATE!)

Amira Beck, Staff Writer

It’s official, the El Molino Lions and the Analy Tigers are finally going to be combined. On a board meeting, March 10th, 2021, the Board members agreed to proceed with the resolution of consolidation. While this is a big decision, it was a necessary choice to be made. The parcel tax, which would have given the funding to keep both schools open, did not pass. The other option would have been to cut the arts and elective programs and switch to a 6 period day. 

What does this mean for us? This means that both the El Molino and the Analy student body will be going to the Analy campus. The district office and Laguna staff and students will be moved onto the El Molino campus. The student body will be expanded to 2,000 students on one campus. Many students have expressed concern over traffic congestion and overcrowded classrooms. While few solutions have been offered yet, the most likely solution to traffic congestion will be increased use of school buses, and the board has stated that Analy has enough space to accommodate all students. 

With the consolidation of both campuses, certain faculty cuts are going to be made. We will also have increased elective choices, since certain classes, such as dance, have previously only been offered at one high school. The sports teams will be more competitive, which means our varsity teams will be significantly better than they have been in previous years. This also leaves worry that not all students will get to enjoy sports to the full extent. 

Overall there will be many growing pains when it comes to the building of a new school. The board has yet to say if we will keep the name Analy, or change it. The consolidation will go into effect in the Fall of 2021. I am optimistic that with the right tools and choices, this consolidation will make our school a better and stronger community.