What Joe Biden Hopes to Accomplish in Office (Pt.1)

Andrea Benito Chino, Staff Writer

On Saturday, November 8th, after 5 long, restless days of political tension, Joe Biden was elected as the 46th president of the United States of America. People all over the country proudly jumped with joy and celebrated, while others didn’t exactly have the same reaction. Nevertheless, regardless of whether you support him or not, here is everything that the 46th president-elect, Joe Biden, hopes to accomplish in office. 


  • Beat the coronavirus. Biden hopes to get the virus under control, provide working families with immediate relief, and safely reopen businesses and schools.
  • Give every American affordable healthcare. Biden hopes to provide Americans with reduced healthcare costs and wants to ensure that our healthcare system is easier to manage, navigate, and understand.
  • Work on his economic recovery plan. Biden aims to put millions of good-paying jobs back into action and to rebuild a better economy that works for everyone.
  • Tackle the climate emergency. Biden aspires to lead the US in achieving a 100% clean energy economy, develop a more robust and resilient nation, and also urge the rest of the world to confront the climate change issue. 
  • Secure our values as a nation of immigrants. He hopes to modernize the immigration system of America, accept and welcome immigrants into our communities, overturn the policies that separated children from their parents at the border, protect Dreamers and their families, and finally ensure that ICE and CBP are held accountable for inhuman treatment.
  • Support our veterans. Biden wants to provide reliable and affordable healthcare, eliminate homelessness and suicide rates, create dependable employment and education opportunities, and also improve VA management and accountability.
  • Empower and protect women. He wants to end violence against women, end the gender pay gap, level the negotiating playing field, end discrimination and harassment against them (especially in the workplace), and empower and protect women all over the world.


There are still many main points to cover, so I will be dividing this into two parts. I hope you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for Part 2!