Pool Updates April 2019

The Big Kahuna, The Supervisor

What a beautiful April this year! So much to talk about, yet so little time!


As many of you may know, we have installed a new pool heater. Yes, it MIGHT have been a bit pricey, but it’s all worth it. Besides, I only had to deduct about 40 dollars per employee. Did I mention that this would continue indefinitely? Whelp, now you know. Oh come on, don’t be mad at me! On the bright side…well there isn’t really a bright side is there…but hey, the pool is heated now!


Let’s see, prom is coming up! April 13th is sooner rather than late,r so buy your tickets ASAP. Last minute buyers will be thrown in the pool while it’s raining! Wear appropriate attire and be as boujee as possible.  This year, prom is going to be held at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. The staff there have allowed the pool staff of Analy to monitor the fish tanks in and around the building, as to ensure no drownings on prom night occur.


Due to yet another flow of sewage into our water lines, the pool is contaminated, so I hope you brought a change in clothes. Yeah, those floating things in the water? Don’t touch ‘em…I made the mistake of thinking it was a bird struggling to cling to life in the water, but it turned out to be…something else…


AP Tests are coming up. This year AP Pool Studies was offered at Analy and the test will be held in the pool. There, students will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of the different bacteria in the water as well as test their lung capabilities. Many do not survive this class but have good faith.


Finally, the Apple Blossom Parade is also on April 13th! Come one, come all to enjoy the many sights to see at this beautiful event. This year, the pool was offered a float spot, but we had to turn it down, as no one knows how to transport all of our swimming floaties off the roof.


Have a wonderful April and I hope all of you stay safe, dry, and most importantly, happy!