Things We Will Miss About Analy

Goodbye young padawans. This is the last time we will ever address you. Now, we know all we do is complain, but beneath all out crotchetiness, we have hearts. Very cold ones, sure, but they are there. Here is our list of things we will miss about Analy:


  1. The Tiger Times. We know we will never find a school newspaper as salty as ours. Also Ms. Ambrose, the greatest history/newspaper teacher to ever grace the planet with her existence.
  2. Our teachers. You’re gonna miss them too cause they’re all retiring with us.
  3. Rallies. Just kidding. No one will miss rallies. Ever.
  4. Making fun of freshman. We will be the freshman next year in college. We are not thrilled about this.
  5. Free periods and all the times we totally didn’t go to Safeway to get coffee.
  6. The basement flooding when it rains too much. It has only happened twice during our school career, but school did get canceled, so that’s a plus.
  7. The various farm animals near the parking lot. They were cute. We had a good time watching them. It’s like finding an old app on your phone that you completely forgot existed.
  8. Strange murals. You know, those ones everyone just kinda ignores because if you think about them too hard your head hurts.
  9. Choir. (Choir is the best and no one can convince us otherwise.)
  10. Listening to your friend talk about choir for two years straight. You’ll feel fancy for sort of knowing the names to classical songs like the “Honeybee’s Walk” (Shut up, we know it’s “Flight of the Bumblebee”)
  11. Those staff members whose job you’ll never learn – maybe they teach freshman, maybe they have an administrative job so specific you’ll never guess it… Either way, you’ll probably have one of those awkward moments in the hall where you try to pass each other but both go in the same direction so you spend the rest of the day feeling vaguely embarrassed.
  12. The people: everyone who ever made you do all the work in group projects; loud freshmen; people who complain about every single homework assignment (it would take less time to do the math than whine about it); people who remind the teachers about homework; people who pull out of the parking lot in the world’s loudest cars… There are a lot of real gems here at Analy.
  13. And then there are the people we’ll actually miss: the good friends we’ll stay in touch with but won’t see everyday; the teachers whose classes were the only part of your even day schedule that you looked forward to; the funny people you only knew from the weird comments they made during lectures; the people you bonded with through the seating chart and the strange poetry you had to analyze together (to the point you felt you had an unbreakable connection) but never spoke with outside of class


So there we are. These last  four years have been… interesting, but we are moving on to bigger and better things (well, at least different things). Hope you guys won’t miss us too badly (oh stop, we know you will). We’ll miss you too, and we aren’t just saying that just so you feel good about yourselves. Stay weird, Analy. We out! *mic drop*

Let me just pick that up.