Mr. Wrisley

Marion Hall-Zazueta, Staff Writer

At the end of the year, Analy will be losing Mr. Wrisley who has been a solid member of the science department for quite a few years. Recently, I sat down to ask him a few questions about his time here and his future plans:


Q: How long have you been teaching? How long at Analy?

A: 26 years. 21 years.


Q: What subjects have you taught?

A: I’ve taught freshman physical science, biology, and chemistry.


Q: What’s your favorite lab?

A: Well, with freshman, I think it’s the slime lab, because they get to make their own slime.


Q: What’s your favorite element?

A: Carbon, we’re made of it.


Q: What are you looking forward to after you retire?

A: More time to fish and sail and camp and travel.


Q: Where do you like to fish?

A: Anywhere there’s trout mostly, but anywhere there’s fish is good.


Q: What will you miss about Analy?

A: The students. You’re very cool and very wonderful – great, great people – and the staff has really been wonderful. I think I’ll miss the whole Analy family.


We will miss you too Mr. Wrisley!