Analy Blue? More like Analy Green!


Ariel Scholten and Bella Nadler

Analy has recently taken a variety of steps to decrease its carbon footprint and increase its ‘greening’ efforts. One of the first major steps was using alternative energy sources – that is, solar energy. In 2011, the WSCUHSD made great strides to become more environmentally conscious by implementing solar energy panels. In the district, Analy High School was one of the first high schools to use solar panels, serving as a leader for other schools to make the change as well. Solar energy has helped the school become more energy-efficient and has continued the school district’s success in the forefront of environmental sustainability. This change has saved the district money and has also been a step towards helping the environment. Solar schools offset about 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year – the equivalent of taking 221,000 cars off the road.

Another step towards a greener campus that was taken in the district was a Climate Resolution Act that was passed in March this year. This resolution supports the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promises to include more climate literacy in the classroom. It was passed with the hopes of creating a better future for students, since climate change will disproportionately affect younger generations. WSCUHSD was one of the first school districts ever to have passed a climate change resolution The district continues to be a leader in terms of climate change action in the educational system.

Earlier this year, a new environmentally-beneficial project was implemented at Analy: the improvement of the recycling and composting system. Led by the Analy Earth Club, students have helped sort recyclable and compostable items out of the trash in order to reduce the amount of “waste” that would end up in landfills. The more waste that gets composted and less that goes into the garbage, the better it is for the Earth. Four days a week, a group of Analy students visit classrooms to empty, as well as sort the correct materials into the recycling cans into the recycling dumpster. Another group of students sort through the compost and garbage bins in the Quad and cafeteria to make sure all organic waste ends up in the compost. With the help and dedication of these students, the school has saved a great deal of waste from going to the dump. Items, such as milk cartons and water bottles, are often disposed of in trash cans when they actually belong in the recycling bins.

In the last few years, Analy has been making a conscious effort to decrease our carbon footprint and help make a positive change in Sonoma County. Analy High School has proven itself to be a proud leader in the fight against climate change.