Pool Updates Februaury 2019

The Great One, Pool Supervisor

Bonjour, bienvenida, and welcome my lovely pool staff to another great and insightful pool update (said no one ever…). Some of you may have noticed why I have started off with greetings in both foreign (and sexy) ways. Well, my friends, it is what many call the season of love! February brings with it good ol’ Valentine’s Day so grab that special someone and do some smooching ‘cuz it’s time to embrace one another!


Speaking of holidays, an additional celebration to think about is the equally fun and amazing Chinese New Year! This year is the Year of the Pig, meaning that all of us should embrace the boar, and become the chunky, cute, adorable creatures they are. Not to mention how yummy they are *cough* sorry vegans.  


As promised, our meetings are in the pool. Oh come on, it’s not that bad, it’s only hypothermia. As long as you are still kicking, regardless of how many fingers or toes that you have after these meetings(sorry). you’re all still working.


Basketball season is here, and we must be ready to show some Tiger spirit! Cheer, shout, and go support the Analy team as they score all the goals, home-runs, or whatever it is they gain points from.


And to bring this meeting to a close, I quote from our great and humble leader Danny DeVito,  “I’ll tell you one thing, it’s a cruel, cruel world. ” On that note, enjoy your February, my humble employees.