Straight From the Tiger’s Mouth

“Double denim is ok if one of the denims is a cape”

– Library 


“I don’t look at people’s faces. Or bodies”

– Village 2


“I take drugs for this face”

– East Wing 


“The only two real presidents to me are George Washington and Obama”

– Room 109


“I wish [Redacted] was here so I could make fun of her scoliosis in front of everyone”

– Room 12


“Clickhole is the political middle ground”

– Room 208


“Straight out of the Tiger’s Mouth? More like straight out of the tit”

– The Quad 


“Omg it’s literally chilly”

– Annex 4


“What’s a word you associate with geese?” “Fear.”

– Room 210


“Do you want to join the know-nothing club?”

– Room 209


“Hey, how do you say ‘all mighty push’ in Japanese?”

– L1


“I just wanna put my spoon in the dirt sometimes, ya  know?”

– Front Lawn