Pool Updates

Pool Supervisor, Pool Guardian

Pool Updates

From your pool supervisor


A happy December to you all!! ‘Tis the season to be jolly and all that falalalala stuff. But important announcements in the bulletin this month, so be on the lookout.


Tests, tests, and more tests oh my! Finals week is coming up soon and ya gotta be prepped and ready to deal with the pool tests. There is a mandatory essay for the final, one of the prompts being “Analyze and assess the durability and structure of pool floaties through the early 2000’s to modern day.” Examples and citations are a must.


The annual gift exchange is going to be held the day before Christmas Eve (a sort of eve to the eve if you may). Remember, gifts must be below $40 dollars, and anonymity is optional. Some gift ideas would be (cheap but durable) wetsuits, rubber ducks, or my favorite pool noodles, the gift that just keeps on giving.


Swim lessons are to be canceled the week of Christmas break as well due to the drains being clogged with tinsel and pine needles.


Finally, Christmas wouldn’t be enjoyable without family and friends.  Drink some smooth hot chocolate with your friends, or watch the classics with your family around a fire. And maybe even stand under some mistletoe if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous… Anyways, stay safe and have a wonderful holiday break full of gifts, laughter, and a stress and school free atmosphere.