Killer in the Rain

Anonymous, Phantom Writer

It was too rainy to skateboard safely, but Magus Morgan, a smart student at Analy High School, was riding through the open tennis court area. He had black hair and bright eyes, and he always skated with ease and confidence. He knew it was dangerous with the rain outside keeping the ground slick, but he rode on. It was a Sunday, and many were stuck in their homes. Some feet away, a brunette woman with soft brown eyes was talking on the phone and crossing the street towards Magus. The woman’s name was Cindy Lynch, but the students of Analy High School knew her as Ms. Cindy. She was a law-abiding woman who found joy in helping people find their next step. Many at Analy would describe her as stric, as she felt it was her responsibility to keep the students on campus. In this moment, she was walking to her scheduled meeting with one of her coworkers, Ms. Blacker. She was holding a bag of fast food for both of them.

Magus was still speeding down the street when he saw a faint light a few feet in front of him. Ms. Cindy barely had enough time to look up before his skateboard slammed into her. Magus’s elbow skidded along the concrete as inertia played its part. Ms. Cindy got the worst of it; her phone went flying as her head slammed against the ground, and her Harvard University hat sprung off of her head. Magus scrambled up quickly, watching his superior lay in shock on the damp ground of the tennis courts. Ms. Cindy’s anguish turned to rage, and she picked herself up from the ground.

“Mr. Magus, you know you cannot skateboard on campus! As punishment, I am revoking all of your scholarship chances and sending a letter to Yale!”

Ms. Cindy had the authority to make this threat as the College Counselor of the school, and she wasn’t afraid to take advantage of it. She reached for Magus’s skateboard in a fit of rage, her brunette hair dripping in the thick rain. Magus dived for the board, as he knew what she would do to it. His hand got to it first, and as soon as he got a grip, he pulled back and tucked the board to his chest.

Ms. Cindy yelled in a fit of rage, “Mr. Magus give me the skateboard or, I swear to God, I’ll

She lunged for the board, and Magus swung it in panic. It collided with her head and sent her to the ground. Ms. Cindy Lynch was now lifeless. Her limp body lay on the concrete. Her ATM card flew out of her purse and cracked, broken on the concrete. Blood was oozing on her forehead, as the impact from the wheel to her head was heavy. Internal bleeding also got the best of her. She was crying in an attempt to get help, and soon she died. It was a scary sight for Magus. Blood and shoe prints and fingerprints made of dirt were surrounding him. Even if the impact hadn’t killed her, he would still be charged for murder. He grabbed her body and started dragging it to his car nearby. He snatched her hat and tried throwing it on to the roof of the school, but it caught onto a tree. He ignored his failure and kept dragging the body. Then, two crucial things happened. A phone rang, and a girl showed up for tennis practice. The phone belonged to Cindy. Magus ran towards it and stepped on it in hopes of breaking it. The screen cracked, but it remained on. The girl saw Magus and heard the screams and had been walking towards them for some time now.

She saw the outline of Magus in the rain, and yelled at him to see if he would respond, “What’s happening over there? Is everyone okay?”

Magus panicked and ran for Cindy’s body, dragging it to the car as fast as he could. The girl saw the car peel off and noticed blood everywhere. Footprints and fingerprints were indented on the wet dirt. She grabbed her phone and called ‘911.’ Just like that, a murder had been committed.