A Q&A with the Future Queen(s) of Analy

This year there are six wonderful candidates for homecoming queen: Gabby Tierney, Tannin Klunis, Emily Lewis, Isabel Housman, Jasmine Larsen, and Carmen Freemen. I decided to ask them a few questions, so we could all get to know them better.


Ali Chesley, Staff Writer

1. Why are you running for homecoming?

Gabby: “I’m running because it will be the last year I will be at the same school as my brother, and I think it would be a cool experience for us to do together.”

Tannin: “I am running for homecoming because both of my older sisters ran, and I felt like it was a sort of connection to them when they were in high school. I am not in it to win. I just really wanted to have fun with one of my friends and thought this would be a good way to do that.”

Isabel: “To make a funny The Office video.”

Jasmine: “I’m running for homecoming queen to try to help me be more out-there as a person. I’ve always thought of running as a big fantasy I watched in movies, so it’s pretty cool to actually be apart of it.”

Emily: “I’ve always thought that one day I might run for Homecoming Queen. I never thought I would actually do it, but I made a spontaneous decision and submitted my application. When I found out I was a candidate, I realized that my dream was truly feasible.”

Carmen: “I’m running to show that queens come in all forms.”

2. What’s your favorite part of the process so far?

Gabby: “My favorite part is coming up with funny ideas for the rally and video.”

Tannin: “My favorite part so far was probably deciding what we will be running as, because we went through so many different funny options, and I hope that what our result is will please you the most.”

Isabel: “Thinking of ideas that I can’t possibly fit into two minutes.”

Jasmine: “So far, I’ve really enjoyed filming my video. I’ve gotten help from many of my friends and feel very supported! Even if it doesn’t turn out very professional I know it’ll still be fun to watch because I enjoyed the process so much! I’ve had a great time working with everyone.”

Emily: “My favorite part has been the excitement with my friends and with everyone I talk to about my theme.”

Carmen: “My favorite part by far is the process of putting together a great video.”

3. What’s your favorite part about Analy?

Gabby: “My favorite part about Analy is the students creativity. I think everyone expresses their creativity through sports, art, music and all kinds of things.”
Tannin: “My favorite part about Analy is that it is a generally small school so you know most of the people around you, and it feels like a community. “

Isabel: “The staff”

Jasmine: “My favorite part about Analy High School is our spirited events. Even though our school spirit may not be too high, I love dressing up and getting to be creative while sitting through all my classes.”

Emily: “I love how many safe spaces there are in the school. I’ve found so many places where I feel like I’m surrounded with like-minded and open-minded peers.”

Carmen: “My favorite part about Analy are some of the teacher thats you can tell actually try.

4. Would you suggest running to other students?

Gabby: “I would definitely suggest running if you have the time for it!”

Tannin: “Absolutely. It is quite a lot of work and planning, but in the end I think it will all be worth it.”

Isabel: “I would if they were interested.”

Jasmine: “I would definitely suggest others to run! It seems a bit scary at first, but it’s honestly very fun! You realize it’s not much of a competitive thing as it is just a fun time all around.”

Emily: “Making my video has been a blast, and I can’t wait for the rally. I have so many exciting things planned. I would definitely suggest running to other students.”

Carmen: “I definitely would suggest running if you’re comfortable with embarrassing yourself in front of the whole school.”

5. Have you always wanted to run for Homecoming Queen?

Gabby: “Yes, I have always thought of ideas and ways to run for homecoming Queen; it’s also kind of a tradition in my family.”

Tannin: “I have wanted to run for homecoming, since my oldest sister ran. She made it seem very fun, when she did it with all her friends. It made me want to have that similar memory, when I leave high school.”

Isabel: “Not really, it always seemed like a popularity contest, but Analy has been pretty great at voting for less conventional reasons.”

Jasmine: “Honestly, running for homecoming queen has always seemed to be a fantasy for me. My mother on the other hand really pushed me to run and it turned into a super great experience overall!”

Emily: “It was always an idea, but I never imagined I would actually make it a reality.”

Carmen: “Since I was a freshman I’ve always looked up to homecoming queens, but not until this year did I actually decide to run.”

6. What’s your favorite hobby outside of school?

Gabby: “My favorite hobbies outside of school are singing and teaching swim.”
Tannin: “My favorite hobby outside of school is soccer. I have played a total of 12 years now and don’t plan on stopping soon.”

Isabel: “Watching The Office.”

Jasmine: “My favorite hobby outside of school is doing cheerleading! I’ve done it all four years of high school and it’s the place I’ve made most my friends!:

Emily: :I have so many hobbies. It’s hard to pick one. I love performing arts. I could never choose between singing, theatre, and playing in band. I also enjoy crafts such as knitting and making earrings.:

Carmen: “I would have to say that my favorite hobby is definitely acting.”

7. How would you describe yourself in three words?

Gabby: “Caring, Driven, Passionate”

Tannin: “Approachable, Clumsy, Genuine”

Isabel: “Easy going, Driven, Personable”

Jasmine: “Creative, Kind, Quiet”

Emily: “Expressive, Empathetic, Enthusiastic”

Carmen: “Powerful, Creative, Spontaneous”

8. What’s an interesting fact about you that others don’t know?

Gabby: “I can wiggle my ears.”

Tannin: “When I was younger I used to barrel race horses, and I won reserve champion with my pig at the fair.”

Isabel: “I’m indirectly related to Joe Biden.”

Jasmine: “An interesting fact about me is that I have webbed toes.”

Emily: “I have nine pets. I have four ducks, a turtle, a conure, two rats, and a golden retriever.”

Carmen: “An interesting fact about me is that I once got suspended for five days in six grade for pinching somebody’s nipples.”

9. Why should people vote for you?

Gabby: “People should vote for me, because I feel like I represent Analy as a whole. I am in choir, leadership, on the swim team, a good student and I am passionate about spreading good energy onto campus.”

Tannin: “People should vote for me, because both my sisters ran before me and lost, so it’s our turn to win. Third time’s the charm.”

Isabel: “Vote for me because I’ll (hopefully) have a funny video.”

Jasmine: “I believe people should vote for me, because I’m friendly with all types of people and tend to see everybody the same before judging them. I try to be nice to all and represent myself in a good way. I am also the varsity cheer captain for the second year now and believe I show good examples on and off the field. I make sure everyone tends to get a say during practice and that we remain close friends off the matts.”

Emily: “I don’t want to be Homecoming Queen to be confirmed as “popular” or “attractive”. I simply thought it would be fun, and I want you guys to have fun too. That’s why I chose my theme and why I’m keeping some of the details secret for now. If you vote for me, I have lots of surprises up my sleeve.”

Carmen: “I think that people should vote for me because I’m just trying to show people that you can do whatever you put your mind to, and have fun with it.”

Homecoming is on Saturday, October 6th. Remember to vote!