Oh, So Now You’re Asking Me?


When asked what my ideal school would include,

I immediately felt great amounts of gratitude.

For never before in my educational career

Had anyone thought to ask “What would you like, dear?”

And it took me a moment, I really had to ponder,

My thoughts racing, my mind beginning to wander.

My ideal school would be

A place of stupendous beauty.

All the students would be carefree,

And everyone would partake in afternoon tea.

The amount of homework assigned would be none,

So that when school was over, students could be done.

The food in the cafeteria would be edible,

And, prepared by Michelin-starred chefs, incredible.

Students could choose from a variety of classes,

The ability to select would be for all the masses.

We would learn handy skills to use later in life,

Like balancing a checkbook and avoiding tax strife.

Gone would be the days of running the mile.

(Just thinking about it makes me start to taste bile.)

School would start later, days would be shorter,

Three-day weekends would be in perfect order.

More movies in class? Yes, that sounds great.

And penalties would be gentler for arriving late.

Apprenticeships for cool jobs would be easy to get.

“You want to study biology? Here’s one, you bet!”

People would stay home when they had a cold.

(I’m tired of getting sick because of you. Really, it’s getting old.)

And generally, all in all,

Students wouldn’t dread going back in fall.

For this would be a place of fun and laughter,

An amazing utopia to chase after.

Where powerpoints were banished, and notes were thrown away,

Where worksheets were burned, and everything was A-OK.