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September 2022 Issue

Brutum fulmen

To what extent do values shape citizens perceptions of self-determination in Ukraine?
To what extent do values shape citizens' perceptions of self-determination in Ukraine?
Logan Holland , Editor, Columnist, & Web Developer • September 25, 2022

Historical Perspective: In an article published on the Kremlin website in early July of 2021, Russian President Vladmir Putin postulated that Russians and Ukrainians are one group of people; with a shared history and culture and therefore shouldn’t be two different countries (Putin). This is not a new world vision, for example in 2008 during a...

Sports Column: Issue #1
Sports Column: Issue #1
Logan Holland , Editor, Columnist, & Web Developer • September 25, 2022

An epoch of enthronement and enshrinement awaits as the bleachers reverberate with noise. Donning Red and Blue, the Analy Tigers have the full momentum of the crowd behind them for the first time in nearly two years. Hours before kick-off electricity surges across the campus as team spirit infuses students, fostering a deafening atmosphere; rattling...

Advice Column Submission

I’m Gwendolyn and I write the advice column! Are you in need of some advice? Maybe you're too embarrassed to ask a question to a friend or family member? Or maybe you have no one to ask or are just wanting an outsider's perspective. Well, I’m here to help! Completely anonymously leave me a question you need advice on for any situation and I’ll do my best to help! From romance to school to family, anything you can think of. Here's the link to the Advice Column Google Form.

Sincerely, Gwendolyn

Ask Gwendolyn April
Gwen Gordon, Staff Writer • April 26, 2021

Dear Gwendolyn, Hi there, I recently got cheated on and dumped. I found out my partner cheated on our two year anniversary. They cheated on me with some close friends of mine. What should I do?  Sincerely,  Dumped    Dear Dumped,  I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been cheated on. I imagine you must be devastated and feeling hurt, alone, confused, betrayed, and sad. In addition...

Music Reviews March/April
Ryan Gronich, Music Critic and Puzzle Master • April 26, 2021

INDIE/ALTERNATIVE: Threesome - Baby Boys (March 12) Hippo Campus is a band pretty well-known in teenage indie circles for songs like “Way It Goes” and “Buttercup,” jaunty indie-pop tunes decorated by their performers’ warbling vocals and guitar pedals. Baby Boys’ Threesome sees two of their four members (singer Jake Luppen and guitarist Nathan Stocker) join local Twin Cities friend and...

Latin translation: Meaningless thunderbolt